Tuesday, February 3, 2009

in this place called singapore

i dont know if you guys actually follow this blog or not but then i'm just gonna update anyway. So it's been a week in Singapore and truth to be told, i've learned so much, experienced so much, felt so much in this short period of time.

In a way, the experience is fruitful but at the same time it's disheartening as well. i shall elaborate more in my latter posts since i dont think time permits me to type much and my notebook is actually running low on power.

I wont be going online often until i get the Singtel broadband which i plan to share with my room mate. If you're wondering why i have to subscribe to a broadband, it's cause my hostel is so new to the point that no internet connection is available within the hostel. I'm currently blogging in the hostel garden which is situated very near to my school so basically i'm stealing the internet connection of my school. SAd right? that's why please dont expect me to update my blog regularly or go online. However it's not like i have much time anyway. Time here is REALLY LIMITED. so appreciate it when u re chatting with me online. =)

Now i'll just list out some of the main activities that i had for the past few days. I'll try blogging about each and everyone of them, only if i have the time because time here is PRECIOUS.

29th Jan 2009 - Asean scholars Orientation part 1 by Trybe Org and MOE

30th Jan 2009 - Raffles Medical Check up + NJC campus tour + Mc nair scholars meet

31th Jan 2009 - Asean scholars Orientation part 2 by Anderson JC ODAC

1st Feb 2009 - Church Outing at EXPO with Trybe Facilitators and BBQ

2nd Feb 2009 - First day at NJC, Senior High 1 Orientation 2009 ( Enjoy Viva la vida )

3rd Feb 2009 - Senior High 1 Orientation Day 2

so that's what i'm currently up to lately. Still having college orientation tmr. The orientation programme here lasts for one whole week. Cool right ? i shall update you guys more when i have the time

Meanwhile if you're still so curious about what i'm up to. i suggest you guys go www.njcorientation2009.blogspot.com to catch a glimpse of how the orientation programme in njc is like.

and when you're there pls do check out the awesome mass dance. That's not my OG's mass dance though. we're doing rihanna's dont stop the music. and if you're free you can also go search youtube for njc orientation mass dance 2009 ( dont stop the music ) and you ll get to check out the mass dance that my OG is doing.

Till then. i wish all of you the best.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Seumas !

we will miss you and the fun times we had.
Sayonara !

So far ...

Let's see ... it's about 20 days since i last posted something. Guess that shows how "committed" i am to this blog. Haha well it's not like there's nothing to blog about. In fact there are so many things that i would wish to pen down but the moment i start blogging, there'll be other "distractions" ready to divert my attention, especially DOTA ! *cringes*

Yes, you hear me right. DOTA ! *crowds of madmen rise from their seats, scream profanities and throw popcorns at me* Ironically, i once hated that silly game. Well maybe cause i suck at it and that was 2 or 3 years ago when i was still a prefect under probation. (surprise surprise) Blame ojm, gab and stud tcc for bringing me to gamefree for "piano lessons" and it all ended up with me being so addicted. haha !

Most of my time at home is occupied by that aforementioned game and some animes. I know, sad right? what to do ... Most of my friends, if not all have either started working or studying at their respective colleges. Even organizing a simple hang out is close to impossible cz everyone is busy with their own things, all doing productive stuffs, unlike yours truly here who prefers being an otaku at home.

On a side note, i did go clubbing with seumas and gang the other night. *cringe again* And if you're wondering, no i did not lose my virginity. HAHA ! Well the experience at MOIS was not really bad. When i first entered the club, i thought i was going to go deaf and die cz they were blaring the music so loud until my heart was beating so vigorously that at one point it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. Even the next day i felt my ear was partially deaf. The first few minutes weren't exactly the most comfortable moments because i'm totally not used to places like this. The people, the music and the beer. Yuck, i cant believe people would pay so awful lot to drink those liquor. And at one point, i told seumas that i would rather pay rm30 to get the hell out of that place than to be in there. lol !

Then as time goes by, things get better and we soon found ourselves rocking the dancefloor. Seumas was the only one doing the real dancing, the rest of us were just merely shaking our hands and doing some embarassing moves. haha ! Occasionally i had to check my pockets to see if any of my belongings fall off. Ger looked so snobbish at that time ! it was pretty obvious that he wasnt used to all these mumbo jumbos and wanted to get the hell out of that place.

I loved the part when they played fall for you from secondhand serenade. The sing along was nice ! And the YMCA part ! Haha.

enjoyed ourselves

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A brand new start

Seriously, i think i lost count of the number of blogs that i'd created/tried to create over the past few years. Ranging from xanga to blogspot to wordpress and back to blogspot, yeah you get my drift. Still, blogspot remains my favourite of the lot cause it's user friendly and unlike wordpress which is very darn slow.

Anyway, the time now is 1.50 a.m. 01/01/2009. Yup, it's the first day of the year and despite the disappointing new year countdown at QB/GP/Esplanade, i still deeply hope that 2009 will be a bright and great year for me and my friends. 2008 wasn't a very good year for me, it could be considered one of my worst years. really ! so many things had happened during this hectic year. Most being unpleasant ones, too many downs compared to ups. Well, honestly speaking, if i could turn back time, i really would want to go back and make amends before everything was too late. But now it is too late and there's nothing i can do to make things right. Oh well ...

Just a little bit information here. If you're every wondering where i'm heading to for my studies, it's Singapore. I'll be studying in National Junior College (NJC) starting next year under the Asean Scholarship programme, that is if i'm not mistaken because i actually assumed that after knowing the hostel which i'm posted to.

So basically this blog serves to update all you peeps about my current life. And mind you, i have long discarded my photo-taking habits so i guess there won't be much pictures to share. Lastly, have fun and do visit this page more often.

And to my dear friends, may there be a great year ahead for all of us